About Us

In 1906 Ngaruawahia pharmacists wrote medicine labels in both Maori and English, made medicines by hand and met the train at midnight so you had morning delivery in Pukemiro or Glen Afton. We know this because our pharmacy has been serving the Ngaruawahia Community and surrounds providing medicines related health for over 100 years.


Of course like our community, our pharmacy services have grown. In addition to dispensing your prescription for you we can:

  • Sit with you and work out how to get the best from your medicines.
  • Advice on medicines-related problems such as adherence difficulties, medicines adverse effects, drug interactions and lifestyle therapy conflicts.
  • Help you treat minor ailments, resolve embarrassing problems, or build and maintain wellness.
  • Supply a range of pharmacist recommended medicines to treat intimate problems such as  Erectile dysfunction or common ailments such as Thrush, Mouth Ulcers, Urinary Tract Infections or Conjunctivitis. 


We are keen to improve the health of our local community so we have teamed up with government agencies to provide:

  • A Free children’s sore throat swabbing service for 3 to 19-year-olds. 
  • A low  cost quit smoking service
  • A Free for under 25s Emergency  Contraception Service


Being local and convenient means you can walk straight in to get:

  • Your passport photo taken
  • Your ears pierced
  • That spur of the moment gift, body care product or cosmetic.


We are there to help not just to sell so you can ask us:

  •  About  any medicine you are taking
  • Any medicines you have seen on the internet, Facebook or other media
  • Where in the community you can get additional support.